Solid foundations

for a brighter future

FOSROC is among the world's leading manufacturers of advanced technology products for construction and refurbishment industries.

With over 75 years of experience, FOSROC prides itself on its world class manufacturing.


FOSROC pioneers in providing a range of concrete admixtures (both in powder and liquid forms) added to concrete to enhance the quality and properties of concrete in both plastic and hardened stages, such as improving strength, accelerating curing process (accelerators) and slowing the curing process(retarders) which eventually help in achieving the desired durability in concrete structures. FOSROC products comply with IS 9103, IS 2645, ASTM C 494 BSEN 934-2, BS 5057.

Water Proofing

Structural waterproofing techniques can be used to resolve a range of problems from waterproofing damp basements, underground vaults, cellars and tunnels to protecting car park decks and water treatment plants.

Water is one of the most common reasons for structural damage and is therefore critical to protect the structure from sustained moisture and dampness, as concrete itself will not be watertight on its own. Even the smallest leak when neglected can lead to serious structural issues.

Industrial Flooring

The floor is literally the base of the production process and therefore plays a major role in the maintenance of buildings. working conditions, and hygiene

Combining years of experience in flooring systems throughout the world with the market-leading products, EADL offers a complete flooring solution from design to applications. Fosroc has wide range of products ranging from epoxy, polyurethane flooring systems to floor hardeners.

Joint sealants

FOSROC ’s expertise knowledge of joint design and sealant technology will help our customers to choose the right products. While these sealants accounts for only a small proportion of the cost of a building project, their performance is vital to the integrity of any structure.