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EADL is the exclusive distributor of world-class Spanish tiles. Add some atmosphere to your home or interior design project; these tiles bring a Mediterranean feel and are of the highest quality.


EADL is the exclusive distributor of the world-class Spanish tiles. You will love these floors and wall tiles because they give your house a decor that is tasteful, classy and, above all, is the style that you choose.

A full range is available, in which you are sure to find the tile that will suit your needs - from the finest, shiny materials for creating a modern atmosphere, to tiles that capture the authentic and traditional, rustic feel. There is even a porcelain stoneware collection available. This is the strongest tile, where technology has been used to create a more natural stone or marble effect. 

Latest at EADL

EADL : Trane Award for the best Distributors in New Category : Sales in VRV (20th Jun 2010)

EADL was represented by Tharun Patnaik, General Manager of EADL, together with Ojamboh Godfrey. Sponsored by Trane Dubai, this was a good platform for the EADL team to learn and load the specification software and bring it to Kampala to work independently on various projects.