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LEDS–C4 Lights & Light Fittings


Through our joint venture with LEDS-C4, a Spanish lights and fittings manufacturer, we offer a diverse range of their top-end products.


Through our joint venture with LEDS-C4, a Spanish lights and fittings manufacturer, we offer a diverse range of their top of the range products.

LEDS-C4 is a lighting solutions manufacturer capable of meeting any specific need, with an exclusive service of advice, creation and manufacture of personalized solutions.

The eight product ranges include over 2,500 references in constant renewal, which are able to meet the most diverse lighting needs and styles: interior lighting (design – modern – traditional – classical), commercial lighting, architectural lighting, outdoor lighting (private areas) and urban lighting (outdoor public areas.)

Custom made

We are able to carry out a lighting project from its origin to its start – up in any part of the world, combining design, technology and quality. Based on an idea, sketch or drawing from the customer project.

Lighting technology advice

We also have a lighting project technical department to advise customers about any matter related to lighting, and also to carry out lighting calculations to determine the optimum type of lighting, product and distribution for each project depending on the requirements and uses of the area in question.

Commitment to the environment

The management model has been designed so that the company’s activities will only have positive effects on both its social and natural environment. This model of respect for the environment has been recognized by the awarding of the ISO14001 certificate.

Design, innovation and quality

Constant innovation and the desire to improve make for continuous progress towards excellence. By applying design management in all the processes, from the initial briefing to the final production, and exhaustive quality control during each phase of production and our engineering department guarantees absolute customer satisfaction with each of our products.

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